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How To Get Your Home Sold Faster & For More Money

The old adage . . . 'you have to spend money to make money' may also apply to getting your home sold for the most money in the least amount of time.  

Have you heard that staged homes sell in 30% less time and for 15% higher prices?  The data and percentages may vary depending on the statistics and surveys you read, but there is no doubt that staged homes do sell faster and for more money.

Do you think only upscale luxury homes benefit from staging, and your ordinary middle-class home would not realize the benefits?  Well, that's not at all true.  If you have a nice home in a good location but your decor, furnishings and room colors are not a 'WOW' for buyers, then your home is a great candidate for staging.  Your 'stuff' may be dragging down the desirability of your home, and a good staging may be all it takes to make your house a 'hot property'.

Here are some things to consider to help your home sell faster and for more money:

12 Ideas I Love . . . To Spruce Up, Decorate, or Stage Your Home

You don't need lots of money to have a beautiful and stylish home.  After all, most people have to work with a limited budget.

Here are 12 ideas I love . . . to decorate, spruce up, or stage your home on a budget.

1.  Create high impact for your built-in bookshelves by either painting the back of the bookshelves with a deep color that coordinates with the room or lining the backs with an interesting wallpaper.  This is a way to give depth to the bookshelves and add some drama.